Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chipping. One of the best farm days yet!

We drove out to Home Depot in the am to rent a chipper shredder for the day. GB had spent a long time cutting hau and readying it for chipping.
Noam loads the chipper

 GB brings more material

 1st pile complete!

 More to tackle

 Longest trunk yet

 Woo Hoo! We worked so well together. There was ALWAYS a log going into that machine. It was awesome!
 Celebratory meal @ Lucy's Taqueria for a job well done

Catching up with more photos/ projects

New fencing Project
 Favorite Shovel Broken
 Beautiful Fence line
 Tired child
 Working hard moving mexican sunflowers around

 Gate in!

Updating other farm stuff

We planted up the garden recently:
Lots of other greens

Calvin and Hobbes

 Me and the boys hiking Kilauea Iki in December!

New Birds!

There is always a lot going on at the farm, and keeping record of it is not always on the top of the list of things to do. But new chicks...

They are Black Jersey Giants- which apparently get really really big. I'm both excited and intimidated!

These chicks are only 3 weeks old. They hatched April 6.

They are enclosed completely, to keep predators (i.e. mongoose) out.

There are plans to move them up near our shed when they are bigger and can fend for themselves. Up there needs the fencing to be completed and a new coop built. Plans/ work is underway.

We are hoping to keep one rooster with a flock of hens. The goal is for him to be able to keep his harem safe from mongoose. This will be our first foray into keeping a rooster. I hope it's successful!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Calvin and Hobbes

Through the miracle of Pet Adoption, we brought these cuties home from the Humane Society. Luka fell in love with Hobbes there and so we brought him home, with his brother Calvin. They were from a litter of 5 and we were happy to be able to bring 2 of them home with us!
Calvin on left and Hobbes on right

 Luka is thrilled!

 Luka and Hobbes

 Calvin- before he got all big and fluffy

 Photographic proof that at this point (8 months old, according to the humane society), Hobbes is the bigger cat.